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What are the delivery charges for ordering from
For delivery within the Bangkok province we charge 50 baht for each delivery. For regions outside the Bangkok area but within Thailand the delivery costs will be 125 baht per delivery.
For delivery costs outside Thailand please contact us directly by email for adjusted services.
How does ordering from the website work

Each product you would like to order you can: “add to shopping cart”. Clicking this button add the product to the shopping cart. You can find the shopping cart on your right side. You see the blue bike and the number of products you put in the cart. You can continue shopping and add more products to the shopping cart, or you can click on the blue bike and go to the checkout.

The ordering process consists of 4 steps:

  1. View Cart
    This is an overview of all the products in the shopping cart. You can change the number of products you would like to order. If you have received a coupon code you can enter it here. Click “Proceed to checkout” to enter the second step.
  2. Enter your information
    Here you can enter your personal information which will be on the invoice. If you would like to choose a different delivery address you can select that here. If you want to add any extra information about the address or date of delivery, please fill in “order notes” on the bottom of the page.
  3. Payment options
    On the right side of the page you can choose your payment method. Please click on one of the options and press “Place order” to confirm.
  4. Your order is confirmed
    On the following page you will find again all the info of your order. From this moment the products are reserved for you. As soon as we received the payment (except for the pay on delivery option) we will continue the process and ship your order. You will receive also an email with the confirmation of your order. When the order is shipped, we will inform and provide you again the shipping info per email.
Change or cancel your order
If you want to adjust or cancel your order please call us or send an email to us directly. This way we can help you quickly with anything concerning your order. If your order has already been sent we can help you track the current status and/or explain to you how you can make sure the parcel is returned to us.
Payment options
We have the following payment options at the time:
Cash on delivery
Follow your order
After we have processed your order, and we are ready to ship it, you will receive a tracking code by email so you can track where your parcel is.
What is the most effective way to keep my SweetChew stroopwafels fresh?
Keep stroopwafels the freshest by storing them in a dark and cool environment. For best results, keep your SweetChew stroopwafels in an air conditioned room or refrigerator. Then, heat the waffles up when you take it out, so the caramel is sticky and full of flavor again.