Dutch stroopwafels have been a part of Dutch tradition since the 18th century. The story is that a local baker in the city of Gouda used dough leftovers and breadcrumbs from the bakery to make flat cookies and sweetened them by adding syrup between the layers. Until 1870 Gouda was the only city in which stroopwafels were made. At the end of the 19th century other local markets in other cities started experimenting with these “leftover cookies”.

Later on, after the industrial revolution, at the beginning of the 20th century, factories started to produce stroopwafels on a larger scale. Nowadays, there are several factories in The Netherlands who produce millions of stroopwafels for not only the Dutch market, but for stroopwafel lovers all over the world.

With Coffee & Tea

Stroopwafels are traditionally served with hot coffee or tea. Our XL sized SweetChew waffles are even big enough to cover your largest cappuccinos. Top your hot drinks with SweetChew’s traditional Dutch stroopwafels to warm them up, make their caramel filling gooey and release their aromatic flavor. Imagine! After a minute on top of your hot coffee or tea you’re ready for a gooey bite. Delicious to the end.


Quickly heat up your SweetChew stroopwafel to the goeyness you prefer. Place it in the microwave for 10 seconds, just long enough to heat up the syrup a bit, without making the cookie too soft. This is not the traditional way, but if you don’t want any coffee, don’t want to wait a minute, or just don’t care this way will get your stroopwafel just the way you like it!


Normally stroopwafels can be kept for a couple of weeks before they get too soft and lose their sweet crunchiness. Our SweetChew stroopwafels are specially made for consumers outside of The Netherlands. Our individually packaged stroopwafels maximize freshness for months.